August 1, 2020

Upgrades to RSTOR Space

Written by Tony Gaughan

I’m pleased to announce that today we rolled out numerous updates to RSTOR Space as an upgrade for all customers.

RSTOR Space now features a data superpositioning enhancement that serves as a cloud-based, intelligent edge caching technology. Anyone who understands the quantum physics concept of superpositioning (atoms can simultaneously be in more than 1 state at a time) or quantum computing (where a bit can simultaneously be both 0 and 1 and states in between) will understand what we mean by data superpositioning. This is our approach to omnipresent data because sometimes you need data spread across regions for different purposes and you need to know that the data is always bit perfect. RSTOR uses this principle in our bucket replication where users can select 1, 2 or 3 buckets with geographic distribution (for example London, Washington DC and San Jose) and RSTOR ensures those buckets are always bit perfect copies of each other. More than just synchronization – data superpositioning, when powered by an intelligent network, enables multiple copies of data to be created and each copy optimized to be in the right time at the right place. Think of this as a reverse CDN–your data can be addressed by your application and RSTOR data superpositioning will automatically source the most efficient (usually the closest) version of that data. If your application changes the data you do not need to manually replicate a copy–RSTOR handles that automatically. We believe Data Superpositioning will change the cloud (public, private and hybrid), DevOps, databases and will be the key to managing the thousands or millions of compute nodes available in the edge.

RSTOR is the only cloud provider that can provide this extra layer of data flexibility as we combine the power of our object storage solution with our mesh fiber network to avoid locking your data in to a specific region. RSTOR Space can now use advanced AI to anticipate when data needs to be cached near on–premises, private-cloud and public-cloud access points to improve performance. When the data is no longer needed, the cache is removed, freeing up space and reducing costs in a dynamic automated manner.

For more information on how this enhancement can help your enterprise better manage hybrid cloud infrastructures, call your sales engineer representative or contact us, and a RSTOR subject matter expert in your geographic region will reach out to you directly and promptly.

PLEASE NOTE: This post was updated to reflect the name change of Rstorage to RSTOR Space, September 2020.

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