January 19, 2021

Challenges coming to the cloud industry

Written by Paul Buttle

Cloud computing may feel like cutting edge technology, but the reality is that not much has changed since 2004. RSTOR believes the old cloud model is restrictive, expensive, and slower than it should be. We are not ok with that.

The RSTOR cloud is more than an upgrade. It makes possible a totally new way of working, and companies are excited about that. The forward-looking ones recognize that the cloud industry is in need of a massive shakeup to avoid the shakedown from other cloud providers. The cloud was supposed to usher in an era of data freedom but many cloud companies treat customers like captives. RSTOR provides an agnostic place to store your data and the opportunity to ‘virtualize’ the cloud compute providers so you can mix and match your providers.  That entirely new way of thinking is attracting new customers to RSTOR from all over the world. 

RSTOR has designed a modern, borderless cloud—one that’s like the internet. Your data can move freely to wherever it’s needed without costly ransoms. Our decentralized cloud architecture is agile—just like your business—and it’s built for the way companies use data today.

Move petabytes data at the push of a button at lightning fast speeds. Store data in one cloud and compute in another. Harness the power of data superpositioning. And say goodbye to data movement fees. With RSTOR, tasks get done faster, more efficiently, and for less.

Want to learn how you can take control of your data? Check out this video and RSTOR Products to see how we’ve built a better cloud.

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