March 31, 2020

Deploying a Digital Infrastructure is Key to Unlocking Data Value

Written by Tyler Moore

8 key actions to unlock and maintain value in your data

Actions you can take today to unlock and maintain value in your data

A Digital infrastructure is key to gaining valuable insights in the data life cycle and expanding business opportunities in many of today’s evolving industries. Any Innovation in Digital Infrastructure will impact not only IT but also touches a company’s business model, system architecture and IT, plus it must take into consideration regulatory and geopolitical constraints. While it may seem somewhat innocuous to leave infrastructure decisions to a later date and at a lower priority, such an approach exposes companies to an uncontrollable and demanding cost structure. Instead of waiting, evolving businesses should seek the following benefits as they evolve their technology infrastructure to support new services:

  1. Leverage a true hybrid cloud. Off-load critical data and analytics through API gateways and private connectivity to cloud providers to enable agility and flexibility.
  2. Eliminate vendor lock-in through multicloud solutions. Avoid proprietary APIs that can compromise quality and cost-efficiency, leading to vendor lock-in.
  3. Know and identify your digital supply chain. Determine the partners with which you expect to share the most data and provide open platforms for third-party access for future ecosystem partners.
  4. Ensure data integrity with fine-grained security. Multilayered access and life cycle policies help you control data access, implement backups, manage disaster recovery, import/export content and guarantee compliance.
  5. Build in high-speed connectivity. Include network infrastructure to rapidly transfer data across geographic points on the network, to and from devices, and across clouds.
  6. Empower real-time insights. Run data services requiring fast responses on dedicated platforms; non-critical data services can be run in the cloud.
  7. Ensure compliance. Use each network layer thoughtfully to satisfy local data regulations.
  8. Deploy in a timely fashion. Work with vendors who can deploy instances quickly and have an elastic model. The overall architecture should support scalability around the globe as needed.

The higher quality service providers will be able to help you to achieve all eight items but be sure to ask as services vary considerably from one provider to the next. RStor is one such provider that can help you to achieve all eight actions so that you may realize successful business outcomes.

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