May 6, 2021

Frost & Sullivan Report Highlights the Advantage of the RSTOR Approach to Modern Cloud Architecture

Written by Paul Buttle

Today we released a whitepaper for our customers, partners and prospects to download for free which is packed with useful statistics, insights and advice from leading IT analysts, Frost & Sullivan. The report is written by Karyn Price, Senior Industry Analyst, Cloud Computing and she breaks down the challenges in modern data storage strategies and how they can be resolved.

It’s clear from Frost & Sullivan’s research that enterprises are struggling with the explosion of data and determining the best way to manage it – today only 40% of corporate data is stored in cloud-based environment, 60% remains in a centralized, corporate-controlled data center”. It’s disturbing to us at RSTOR that 15 years after AWS launched their original S3 storage solution, and with all the associated hype around cloud, that only 40% of enterprises have found it to offer the right combination of performance, reliability and price to cause a mass migration.  In “Reimaging Storage for a Data-Centric World”, Karyn addresses these issues and proposes a new approach to managing data for modern enterprises – one that is based on dynamic data positioning that is optimized for latency and the specific use cases applied to each bucket of data.

It’s an approach that is close to our hearts at RSTOR as we have been urging companies to ‘Take Control of their Data’ and the first step in that process is understanding how their data is being used and allow companies like RSTOR to optimize that unstructured data for best performance, without incurring enormous costs in data replication, access and egress.

As part of our commitment to sharing what we’ve learned, we’re offering Frost & Sullivan’s report for free to anyone who is interested in learning more about data management in a modern multi-cloud and hybrid world. The report can be downloaded here.  Let us know by reaching out what you think of it on our contact form or via LinkedIn.

Free Frost & Sullivan Report

The Frost & Sullivan report highlights the advantage of the RSTOR approach to modern cloud architecture.

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