October 27, 2020

IBM Spectrum Scale plus RSTOR

Written by Tyler Moore

Active File Manager Improvements for IBM Spectrum Scale 5.1 Creates New Opportunities for RSTOR to Support New Services for Reseller Community

The news this week that Release 5.1 of IBM Spectrum Scale will enable Active File Manager (AFM) to support S3 object storage connectivity will generate new opportunities for IBM resellers. The announcement opens the door for resellers to offer new enhanced services and solutions to enterprise clients managing hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures. It also greatly elevates the value of RSTOR’s cloud-based storage platform as a compelling alternative to expensive network-attached storage-based (NAS) hard-disk solutions for the AFM capacity tier.

S3 Object Storage Integrates On-Premises and Cloud Environments

Release 5.1 will allow IBM resellers to introduce a new array of “certified” enterprise solutions that optimize the price and performance of storage applications that call for sharing data across compute clusters and storage tiers – even when networks are unreliable or suffer from high latency. By adding S3 object storage as an AFM target for the capacity tier to Release 5.1, it will now be possible for data to be “read/write accessed” through both file- and object-interfaces, enabling virtually unlimited scalability at a highly competitive price point. Indeed, because Spectrum Scale 5.1 now supports S3 cloud storage, it will allow resellers to expand the range of competitive solutions for enterprise customers.

Other important enhancements introduced by Release 5.1 include: new Quality of Service (QoS) functionality for throttling/tailoring IOPS throughput; and support for Cloud Object Store (COS, S3) as an AFM target. The latter will provide the ability for organizations to migrate files between IBM Spectrum Scale and various S3 resources by using the intelligence and automation features of AFM.

All of this is very good news for enterprises that are working across hybrid, multi-cloud infrastructures, because AFM is designed to work effectively in today’s increasingly heterogeneous environment.

The RSTOR Position

When organizations work across complex infrastructures — whether they are on-premises or in the cloud – it is important to closely monitor the cost equation. This is especially important if data is dynamically moving from one environment to another. As data workloads are shifted among cloud service providers (CSPs) – or simply brought back to corporate data centers — egress fees can quickly add up.

That is where RSTOR comes in.

RSTOR offers an agnostic S3 storage layer optimized for storage efficiency and network throughput. The flagship product, RSTOR Space, is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) object storage solution. It addresses the performance, reliability and budget requirements organizations have for storing unstructured data.

RSTOR Space provides a decentralized cloud architecture that utilizes geo-distributed erasure coding and a 100Gbps infrastructure. The platform provides clients with cloud access at the edge, typically providing throughput performance that is ten times (10x) greater than those offered by traditional CSP’s. With Spectrum Scale 5.1 these attributes are now available for an AFM target.

From a cost perspective, RSTOR does not charge egress fees. RSTOR only charges for capacity, which can result in 70%-80% storage savings compared to storage costs at conventional CSPs.

As an IBM ESA partner, RSTOR is working closely with IBM to embed the new capabilities of Release 5.1 into RSTOR Space. On November sixth, when Spectrum Scale 5.1 is made generally available, RSTOR will be ready.

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