June 16, 2020

InvenSense, a TDK Group Company, Leverages RSTOR to Accelerate Its Migration to the Cloud

RSTOR and a backup solution supports leading electronics manufacturer’s IT strategy from tape backups to cloud backups

SARATOGA, Calif., June 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – RSTOR, the company behind the world’s first cloud virtualization platform, today announced that InvenSense, a world-leading provider of MEMS sensor platforms, uses their technology to store and quickly access its offsite cloud backups enabling faster backup and recovery than traditional tape storage. With RSTOR and a third party backup solution, InvenSense is able to restore data from any region, reducing cloud storage fees by 80% and increasing IT staff productivity by 4x. In addition, RSTOR’s software defined fabric enables companies to move their data across the network faster than competing solutions.

InvenSense manufactures MEMS sensor platforms found in mobile, wearables, smart home, industrial, and automotive products. The company’s patented Fabrication Platform, MotionFusion® technology, audio solutions, ultrasonic technologies, and location software and services address the emerging need of many mass-market consumer applications via improved performance, accuracy, and intuitive motion gesture- and sound-based interfaces.

By offering a single, region-free cloud offering with native replication across the United States, RSTOR provides organizations with the trust and security needed to store their data and the flexibility to access as needed. The costs of using AWS or Azure for cloud backups can add up quickly, even without replicating to other regions. RSTOR not only lowered InvenSense’s cloud storage costs, but the simple S3 interface also allowed them to lower their backup solution licensing costs and eliminate tape completely.

“Solid backups are critical to every business. With limited global IT staff, InvenSense had to depend on local engineers or office personnel to be our remote hands for tape backup and restore,” said Rob Bencale, IT Senior Director, InvenSense. “With RSTOR, our staff in the San Jose headquarters can restore any file, from any of our sites worldwide, instantly.”

“RSTOR is proud to work with and provide essential cloud services to globally recognized brands such as TDK InvenSense. RSTOR’s solution provides TDK with a cloud-based copy of their on-prem data enabling TDK to quickly, easily, and remotely restore using this backup copy. RSTOR’s next generation storage and network services combine high performance and lower storage costs that positively impact the bottom line and provide customers with faster, superior service,” said Tony Gaughan, Chief Technology Officer of RSTOR.

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