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Accelerated cloud-to-cloud data mover

Move billions of objects, petabytes of data extremely securely, lightning fast, with a single click.

Why is moving data within the cloud so hard? RSTOR Transporter makes it easy to move data into the cloud, between different clouds or even regions of the same cloud. Let us prove it to you.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Move Billions of objects with RSTOR Transporter in 3 simple steps:

  1. Select your source bucket and authenticate
  2. Select your destination bucket and authenticate
  3. Go and make a cup of coffee – because you’re done. It’s only 2 steps really

Low Complexity

With RSTOR Transporter you no longer need dev teams to develop, write and execute complex scripts just to place your data where you want it. Transporter is a SaaS solution simple enough for any data manager to move massive object buckets.


RSTOR Transporter makes it easy by:

  • Getting rid of complex network setup
  • Auto restarting jobs or packets, if errors occur
  • Not stopping until your moved data is bit perfect

Why RSTOR Transporter

What does that all mean for you:


  • Faster – Start transfers in minutes
  • Easier – No need to create teams or customer tools
  • Less Expensive – Save time and cloud cache costs by moving data immediately
  • Eliminate Costly Human Mistakes – Transporter checks itself and ensures data is bit accurate

Move Data Into Any Cloud, Out of Any Cloud or Between Clouds and Regions with RSTOR Transporter

Want to try it?

Regardless of why you need to move data, RSTOR Transporter is the superior solution. From cloud uploads to switching CSPs to backup to just moving data to better suit your needs, RSTOR Transporter not only simplifies the process and cuts costs, it saves you and your company money.