December 10, 2020

RSTOR accelerates Digital Transformation for Kadokawa Connected

Written by Stuart Folo

TwoFive Inc and KADOKAWA Connected a leader in DX (Digital Transformation) in Japan addressed a high-profile risk to digital transformation’s success – the cost of endless growing storage platforms. They decided to address the problem by conducting a thorough examination of storage platform costs and used themselves as a working example of how high value assets can be moved into the Cloud in a secure, highly performant and cost-effective way.

The ability for organizations on-premises storage platforms to support an ever-growing data pool, and the ability to handle the many disparate types of data that needs to be supported, is testing to the limits of today’s available technology. The next generation of cloud based solutions are ensuring that the barriers to success are torn down, with data becoming accessible to all that have permission and available everywhere – ensuring the primary goal of digital transformation is met – to deliver a better customer experience.

KADOKAWA Connected announced today that they have completed their evaluation of a range of storage architectures, including RSTOR Space service and selected RSTOR for the following reasons:

“RSTOR has optimized its platform to process large and small files with high efficiency. Whereas the current on-premise system fails when exceeding 100 million objects in a bucket or becomes inoperable due to mass deletion of large amounts of data, RSTOR has proven to be able to process both of these scenarios without issue. Furthermore, RSTOR Space does not require five man-days of routine maintenance work every two months to maintain performance and stability, and the operational overhead is expected to be greatly reduced by eliminating the cost of dealing with hardware failures.”

RSTOR appreciates the efforts of companies like KADOKAWA Connected to improve the lives of all its customers and users of its platforms and by sharing those results with the world.

Kadokawa has taken control of it’s data. Who’s next?

“Niconico” Migration to RSTOR Space

KADOKAWA Connected has selected RSTOR Space, a high performance cloud object storage system, for “Niconico”, one of the largest video community services in Japan.

KADOKAWA Connected Customer Success Story

Due to the limitations of its previous solution, KADOKAWA Connected needed alternatives for its storage and backup.

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