February 11, 2021

RSTOR & Arcserve: We’ve got your Back-up

Written by Paul Buttle

At RSTOR we’re all about enabling customers to take control of their data. I’ve talked before about the importance of high availability for your working data such that it is globally accessible, wherever it needs to be and close to compute (which we do using our unique Data Superpositioning feature).

Today, I want to talk about the other end of the data access spectrum and one that is similarly crucial but with less immediacy and speed to first byte – the data backup in your archive.  Modern enterprises create a staggering amount of data on a daily basis – in fact the World Economic Forum estimated we would have generated 44 zettabytes (a zettabyte is 1million petabytes) by 2020.  With all that data comes the enormous task of maintaining it, archiving it, indexing it to make it usable, checking it’s not corrupt and ensuring every byte is regionally duplicated.  Even assigning and enforcing archiving policies against all of this data is a huge task.  Running such systems to maintain complex archives, and making those tasks seamless and easy to use, is no mean feat and our new partner Arcserve has become a global leader in the space.

Now we’re announcing RSTOR and Arcserve have partnered to bring new products to market that combine the best from both of our companies. Customers will be able to harness the sophisticated data protection capabilities from Arcserve and the intelligent repository of RSTOR to ensure IT resilience for businesses of all sizes. Our new partnership will bring Arcserve’s leading data protection and data resiliency services to RSTOR infrastructure and allow Arcserve customers to access the strength, resiliency and flexibility of RSTOR’s Software Defined Cloud platform.  

We’ll be sharing more details about these innovative new products as we get closer to launch but we’re really excited about the possibilities for both of our companies and our reseller networks.  Together RSTOR and Arcserve intend to keep innovating on behalf of our customers and we look forward to seeing how you will react…

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