June 17, 2021

RSTOR Expands Global Service Nodes to Support Exponential Customer Growth and Adds Automated Data Replication Features to Core Products

Strong customer demand for distributed object and data movement services at multi-petabyte scale leads to further global expansion
Saratoga, CA – June 17, 2021

RSTOR, a provider of software defined cloud (SDC) services, is expanding its global presence with the addition of new customers across major industry segments, including: healthcare, financial services, cloud service providers, media, entertainment and government agencies. As demand for the company’s  services grow, a new RSTOR Australia Region has been added with the first node in Sydney and the RSTOR Region in Japan has been expanded with a second node in Osaka — to provide in-region data redundancy.

In addition to the expansion of its international footprint, RSTOR has also announced that its award-winning Space object storage solution has been enhanced with new global automated data replication capabilities that play a critical role in helping RSTOR’s growing list of resellers manage enterprise data mobility across RSTOR Regions. The new functionality, in limited beta now, allows enterprises to automatically replicate data between RSTOR Regions. As a result, organizations will be able to to ensure that data in the Japanese RSTOR Region are  automatically synchronized with the North America or Europe RSTOR Regions.

Unlike other cloud service providers, RSTOR Space encourages data movement between service nodes to streamline and enhance the performance of far-flung enterprise computing  resources in the cloud. In fact, the unique data superpositioning of RSTOR Space automatically moves data between nodes to ensure high availability and low latency of data to optimize cloud compute efficiency. Automatic data synchronization using RSTOR’s proprietary file acceleration technology has always replicated data between nodes within an RSTOR region. The new functionality enables unprecedented levels of data control for global enterprises and utilizes RSTOR’s redundant global fiber network to quickly facilitate data transfers and ensure replicated buckets are always synchronized.

RSTOR Transporter, the bulk cloud-to-cloud data mover, also has added new functionality that enables enterprises to move data between clouds more easily and without writing custom code or batch operations. RSTOR Transporter enables organizations to move petabytes of data between clouds with a simple web interface. The new functionality allows ongoing replication of that data using ‘watch bucket’ functionality to ensure that data in different clouds remains synchronized.

Using the new features customers can, for example, replicate 1 billion objects from AWS to Azure and then have Transporter continue to copy new objects over as they are created in either cloud.  The new ‘set it and forget it’ functionality supports massively complex data workflows with unprecedented levels of simplicity and control.  Transporter’s upgraded graphical interfaces within the RSTOR Management Console makes it easy to see data migrations and replications in progress, in real-time, as they are occurring.

Tony Gaughan, CTO at RSTOR said: “We’re so proud of our customer responsiveness. Our team continues to deliver quarterly updates which keeps our innovation rate above any other cloud company.  Our releases this quarter enable customers to better control their data across global markets with automated data synchronization between RSTOR Regions and RSTOR Transporter is playing a critical role in helping enterprises to automatically replicate data across other clouds.”

Paul Buttle, CRO of RSTOR, said: “This year we’ve seen an explosion in growth as our customers continue to entrust us with their most valuable asset – their data. At RSTOR we take that responsibility very seriously. With our new RSTOR Region in Australia and an additional node in Japan we’re accelerating our rollout. We are removing the artificial barriers to data mobility between regions that other cloud service providers create for global multinationals”.

The new Osaka service node is adding extra capacity to the Japanese market which opened in May 2020 with the RSTOR Tokyo node.  Japanese customers, like Kadokawa Connected, have embraced RSTOR’s simple commercial model and high reliability and are migrating their entire on-site data platform to RSTOR resulting in 80% cost savings from their prior service.

About RSTOR, Inc.

RSTOR empowers customers with a true ‘software defined cloud’ built for the secure, performant edge. Built by a founding team steeped in innovation in enterprise infrastructure, RSTOR equips customers with a single, integrated platform that eliminates variable costs, vendor lock-in, and regionality, while offering the flexibility of using multiple cloud service providers without additional fees. For more information, visit: RSTOR.io.

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