May 6, 2021

RSTOR releases free Frost & Sullivan report challenging how enterprises have been storing and moving their data with solutions for how they can be more efficient and cost-effective

Report titled ‘Reimaging Storage for a Data-Centric World’ is written by Karyn Price, Sr Industry Analyst, Cloud Computing and available for free download at
Saratoga, CA – May 4th, 2021

RSTOR, the pioneer of the Software Defined Cloud, has made available a free report from leading industry analysts Frost & Sullivan entitled ‘Reimaging Storage for a Data-Centric World’. The report challenges the traditional thinking of enterprises to store data in large central repositories instead making the case for dynamic movement of data to where it is needed to reduce latency and improve application performance.

Senior Industry Analyst for Cloud Computing at Frost & Sullivan, Karyn Price, uses statistics and analytics to illustrate how RSTOR is a solution to the modern data storage and movement challenges by using a distributed data storage mesh to deliver lower latency, provide choice in cloud compute services and combine the traditional storage and network functions together.  Price said “In today’s hybrid environment, with distributed applications and services, centralized storage no longer makes sense. Instead, creating a distributed meshed network with numerous endpoints and multiple routing possibilities enables data to be far less constrained by geography and associated network latency. Using a proprietary mesh network and data super-positioning, RSTOR ensures that your data is exactly where you need it to be—before you knew you needed it there.”

Paul Buttle, Chief Revenue Officer, RSTOR said “Karyn is an industry renowned analyst and we appreciate her assessment of the challenges in modern cloud data management and her insights into potential solutions. We’re happy to provide this report as a free download to any enterprise looking to understand how they can take control of their data and more effectively manage their hybrid and multi-cloud environments.”

The “Reimaging Storage for a Data-Centric World” report is available for free download from

Free Frost & Sullivan Report

The Frost & Sullivan report highlights the advantage of the RSTOR approach to modern cloud architecture.

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