October 18, 2019

Supporting an ecosystem of storytellers

Written by Keith Cunningham

At RStor, we are building a game-changing, low-latency, high bandwidth network fabric to make the distance between remote locations appear like they are near neighbors.

I love a good movie, a good documentary or just listening to someone describe a recent vacation experience. As a simple form of communication, storytelling not only connects audiences to complex aspects of humanity, but it also provides social cues and teaching ethics across culture and civilization.

My earliest understandings and teachings came from sitting around the grownup-table listening to a relatives’ tale of adventure, and watching 16mm home movies from the 50’s and 60’s. As a young teenager, it later evolved to going with my mom who managed a movie theater for United Artists, a time when parental guidance meant sitting in a theater watching 4 to 5 movies per day while she worked.

Storytelling became so much a part of maturing life that my first career was working for UA in the Projection and Sound shop, building sound systems and automation devices, and helping support a movie theater’s function. Fast forward a few decades or so later to working at RStor where memories of those formidable years made a sudden return thanks to a Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers (SMPTE) trade show.

Thinking back to when I was coming of age through the late 1970’s, the video cassette seemed be a marker to shape how Hollywood and specialized content would be delivered to the home (cable was still not accessible in our house.) Today the interest of the storytellers is about how networks, bandwidth, and storage of content are optimized to allow immersive high-value experiences to reach a variety of devices types and destinations.

Networks are not just at the forefront of content creation, from capture of the lens, to the rendering of concept drawings and the collaboration of geographically distributed artists. They are also a very dependent storytelling highway to reach the users who may watch a big-theater movie screen, to a living room display, or mostly to those small hand-held devices that are mobile, with numbers surpassing world population.

At RStor, we are building a game-changing, low-latency, high bandwidth network fabric to make the distance between remote locations appear like they are near neighbors. In order to support management of all the immersive experience media, a network needs to deliver superior performance with data transfer speeds faster than traditional models, collapsing the distance between collaborators.

For me, a good storyteller makes me feel as if I was someplace that I have yet to visit or tells the tale of something to come. With RStor, we are building the technology to continue supporting an entire ecosystem of storytellers. This is what excites me, to be back to a core belief and interest, combining what I enjoy from a personal and career perspective and solving problems that prevent stories from being told.

Here is to the resume coach I worked with some years ago who told me that my resume was too deep, and I should not rely on the experiences of my formative years for endeavors I explore now.

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